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Seminar on Differential Privacy

Differential privacy is a relatively new concept that is increasingly being researched in both statistics and IT security.
In this seminar we will discuss Differential Privacy using a lecture script.

The seminar is aimed at students of the BSc. and MSc..

The date for the preliminary discussion is on Thursday 16.07.2020 at 4PM in Wasserstraße 221 Floor 4.

If questions arise, please contact Önder Askin or Lars Schlieper.

Groups Time Room Start
H. Dette, A. May Thursday 16:00-17:00 Via BigBlueButton 05.11.2020


We use the excellent lecture notes of
Aaron Roth, Cynthia Dwork, The Algorithmic Foundationsof Differential Privacy, 2014.

Date Speaker Topic Chapter Supervisor
05.11.2020 Tobias Pagel Basic Terms 2 Lars Schlieper
12.11.2020 Timo Glaser Basic Techniques 3.1-3.4 Lars Schlieper
19.11.2020 Martin Dunsche Composition Theorems 3.5-3.7 Önder Askin
26.11.2020 Patrick Bastian Releasing Linear Queries with Correlated Error 4 Önder Askin
03.12.2020 Philipp Göbels Generalizations 5 Alex May
10.12.2020 --- Boosting for Queries 6 ---
17.12.2020 --- When Worst-Case Sensitivity is Atypical 7 ---
10.12.2021 --- Lower Bounds and Separation Results 8 ---
14.01.2021 --- Differential Privacy and Computational Complexity 9 ---
21.01.2021 --- Differential Privacy and Mechanism Design 10 ---
10.12.2020 Carina Graw Differential Privacy and Machine Learning 11 Alex May
04.02.2021 --- Additional Models 12 ---


In principle all participants are obliged to participate. Please contact us if you cannot participate.

The presentation should consist of a talk of about 45 minutes and a small teaching unit of about 15 minutes, in which exercises suitable for the topic will be presented.
The presentation can be held in English or German.

You will contact your supervisor independently at least 2 weeks before your presentation to demonstrate your understanding of the subject. If there are any problems of comprehension, these should be cleared up before this date, if necessary in consultation with your supervisor.

For your presentation you will write a short handout in LaTeX.

At the latest one week before your presentation you will present your handout and your presentation slides (if you use any) to your supervisor, and you will also have finished most of your presentation.

Failure to meet these deadlines without prior consultation will result in failure to pass the seminar.

The seminar will take place online via BigBlueButton