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Seminar "Quantum Computing"

In this seminar, you will have the chance to learn more about quantum computing. We particularly recommend this seminar as preparation for a thesis project in quantum computing or information.
If you are interested in participating in this seminar, please send an e-mail with your preferred topic to Lars Schlieper.

A basic understanding of quantum computing on the level of the BSc course “Quantenalgorithmen” offered by Prof. May.

Students participating in this course might also be interested in the Master's course "Quantum Information and Computation", which is also offered this summer semester.

Docent Time Room Begin
Prof. Dr. Alexander May, Prof. Dr. Michael Walter Tuesday 16:00 MC.1.30/31 03.05.2022
Date Speaker Title and literature Supervisor
XX.XX.2022 Beyond Grover search: Quantum amplitude amplification & estimation
03.05.2022 Cedric Brügmann Beyond Shor: Hidden subgroup problems Timo Glaser
XX.XX.2022 Is Grover optimal? Quantum query lower bounds using polynomials
10.05.2022 Marvin Bachert Programming “real” quantum computers - with many examples Lars Schlieper
17.05.2022 Sebastian Marks Bell inequalities and the CHSH game Önder Askin
XX.XX.2022 How powerful are quantum computers? The complexity class BQP
24.05.2022 Phil Badura Quantum error correction and Shor code Prof. Walter
XX.XX.2022 Simon’s algorithm: from expected to exact polynomial time
XX.XX.2022 “New” cryptographic attacks via Simon
XX.XX.2022 From random walks to quantum walks
31.05.2022 Nino Ricchizzi Learning with Errors is easy with quantum samples Prof. May


To get credit points for this seminar, you will have to give a 60 minute talk (and also prepare a short handout with the key formulas). In addition, you are expected to participate (actively) in the seminar (“Präsenzpflicht”). The talk can be given in English or German. We are also happy if you would like to suggest your own topic, but please get in touch with us beforehand.

At least 2 weeks before your presentation, you will independently check in with your supervisor to show that you have understood the content. If there are any comprehension problems, they are to be resolved before this date, in consultation with your supervisor if necessary.

At least 1 week before your presentation, you will present your handout and presentation slides to your supervisor (if you are using any), as well as have your presentation already substantially completed.

Missing these deadlines without prior arrangement will result in failing the seminar.