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Oberseminar über Differential Privacy

(MA XX: Modul XX; MSc Mod XX: Modul X)

SoSe 2019

Groups Time Room Start
H. Dette, J. Lederer, A. May Tue 11:00-12:00 Raum IA 1/53 April 23


We use the excellent lecture notes of
Aaron Roth, Adam Smith, The Algorithmic Foundations of Adaptive Data Analysis, 2017.

Date Speaker Topic Lecture
23.04. Önder Askin Introduction, tail bounds for one statistical query Lecture 1
30.04. Tim Kutta Many nonadaptive queries, uniform convergence, and stochastic optimization. Lecture 2 Folien
07.05. Shih-Ting Huang Interactive data analysis, and the dangers of adaptivity. Lecture 3 Folien
14.05. Mahsa Taheri Description length bounds I: Compressibility and generalization Lecture 4
21.05. Alexander Helm Description length bounds II: Rounding, AboveThreshold and Ladder algorithm Lecture 5Folien
28.05. Vincent Göbels The “median mechanism”,“reusable holdout” with description length bounds Lecture 6 Folien
04.06. Lars Schlieper Algorithmic and distributional stability Lecture 7, Chapter 1-2.1
18.06. Eftychia Solea The monitor argument and adaptive statistical queries Lecture 8, Chapter 2.2-3
02.07. Claire Delaplace Expected error bounds for the Gaussian mechanism Lecture 9, Chapter 4-6